4 Quick Entry No-Essay Scholarships to Easily Apply For

For most scholarships, it requires a student to write out extended essays on a set topic. While it is well worth writing the scholarship for anyone who qualifies for the particular scholarship, this does take time, and eventually it is extremely difficult for anyone to write out dozens of essays in hopes of receiving the scholarship.

The problem here is that a busy student who is applying to collages, finishing up high school and dealing with everything else that goes along with it just does not have the time to do this.


That is why it is so important to seek out scholarships that do not require any sort of essay. While there are more essay scholarships than non-essay options, there are several out there that a student simply needs to apply for.

Cappex Scholarships
The Cappex website (cappex.com) is a great location to look for scholarships. There is one in particular known as the “GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship.”

This particular scholarship is designed to provide some money to students who have a nice combination of extra activities (such as clubs and sports) and a grade point, but one that is not at the top of the class, so they are missing out on the majority of GPA based financial aid.

To apply for this, an applicant just needs to offer information regarding their extracurricular activities and how they volunteer around the community. If they are awarded the scholarship they receive $1,000 towards the cost of attending college.

College Prowler
This is another website that is great to check out in regards to scholarships. It also has its “No Essay Scholarship.” Basically, all you have to do is put your name on a list every month and the website randomly draws a $2,000 scholarship to the winner. There isn’t anything you need to do outside of sign up every month, but once you win you are not able to apply again.

Sussle Scholarship
This is another scholarship that is handed out every month. It totals $500 and all someone needs to do is post interesting information to the website (Sussle.org) like they would on Facebook or Twitter. Judges from the website then vote on the most interesting posts and information and the winner of the month receives $500.

This website has all sorts of different no essay scholarships to apply for. There is the “College Submission” and the “Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation” scholarships to apply for. None of these require any sort of essay, although the application process is a bit different from one to the other, so visiting CKSF.org is a good way to start and to see what all is available.




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