The 6 Scholarship Mistakes Study Abroad Students Make And How to Avoid Them

Most students get thrilled with just the thought of studying abroad, but when actually the opportunity presents itself, it gets very exciting. Out of this excitement, you can make impaired judgments and decisions that may leave you making regrets. Before are some of the mistakes study abroad students make but can be avoided by taking the right advice and making wise decisions.

study abroad mistakes

Operating without a budget
It ‘s hard to spend your money well without having a budget in an entirely new city and country. Without a budget, you will most likely buy anything that pleases you or go out for weekend trips every weekend. The aftermath of this, is being broke, and you wouldn’t want to be borrowing money in a new country after just a short stay. You should, therefore, make a budget for transport, meals, bars, night outs, and weekend trips and also for shopping.

Not learning the host language
It is not right to assume that everyone is a native speaker of English. Take some time, to learn the language of the host country while you are there. It will help you to communicate effectively with the locals and also learn a new language.

Not adhering to the local rules
Every country, city or community have their own social norms and regulations. It is imperative to respect and follow them since you are in their land. Breaking these rules can get you arrested and fall on the wrong side of the society. Therefore, respect people’s rules and you will definitely coexist peacefully with them.

Living alone away from local students or a host family
Being a new country or city, you ought to have a friend or colleagues who will help you learn how things are done in that place. If you live alone, you will not learn the necessary details you need to know, you can, as a result, live in the hostel with other students or a host family if you have any. They will help you to quickly bond with the local people.

Avoiding the orientation session
Every institution usually offers orientation sessions to new students where they get to know the basics of the institution. If you zone out of them, you will miss a whole lot of information that would have helped you to have your way around the institution without any difficulties.

Over partying
Going to parties is interesting but overdoing it comes with a lot of consequences. First of all you will have terrible hangovers all the time. And it will be hard to concentrate on your studies plus to appreciate the city during the day. Secondly, every culture has its own norms and for some, there are limits to partying and amount of drinking.

Behaving badly when under the influence of alcohol can cost you a good relationship with the locals. Therefore, keep it cool and avoid over partying. The above mentioned are just but some of the mistakes study abroad students make. Even though it is a great learning experience, you should not allow that exciting moment impair your decision making.




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