4 Quick Entry No-Essay Scholarships to Easily Apply For

For most scholarships, it requires a student to write out extended essays on a set topic. While it is well worth writing the scholarship for anyone who qualifies for the particular scholarship, this does take time, and eventually it is extremely difficult for anyone to write out dozens of essays in hopes of receiving the scholarship.

The problem here is that a busy student who is applying to collages, finishing up high school and dealing with everything else that goes along with it just does not have the time to do this.


That is why it is so important to seek out scholarships that do not require any sort of essay. While there are more essay scholarships than non-essay options, there are several out there that a student simply needs to apply for.

Cappex Scholarships
The Cappex website (cappex.com) is a great location to look for scholarships. There is one in particular known as the “GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship.”

This particular scholarship is designed to provide some money to students who have a nice combination of extra activities (such as clubs and sports) and a grade point, but one that is not at the top of the class, so they are missing out on the majority of GPA based financial aid.

To apply for this, an applicant just needs to offer information regarding their extracurricular activities and how they volunteer around the community. If they are awarded the scholarship they receive $1,000 towards the cost of attending college.

College Prowler
This is another website that is great to check out in regards to scholarships. It also has its “No Essay Scholarship.” Basically, all you have to do is put your name on a list every month and the website randomly draws a $2,000 scholarship to the winner. There isn’t anything you need to do outside of sign up every month, but once you win you are not able to apply again.

Sussle Scholarship
This is another scholarship that is handed out every month. It totals $500 and all someone needs to do is post interesting information to the website (Sussle.org) like they would on Facebook or Twitter. Judges from the website then vote on the most interesting posts and information and the winner of the month receives $500.

This website has all sorts of different no essay scholarships to apply for. There is the “College Submission” and the “Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation” scholarships to apply for. None of these require any sort of essay, although the application process is a bit different from one to the other, so visiting CKSF.org is a good way to start and to see what all is available.

Top Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships 2015 That Offers $10,000 – $100,000

Academic credentials from US universities are recognized in most countries around the world. While many aspire to get into them at various levels from undergraduate degrees, master’s and doctoral degrees, cost is often prohibitive. For those in this situation, scholarships are a lifeline.


Scholarships are differentiated by various factors so that those looking for them can narrow down the search according to their particulars. There are scholarships for local US citizens and for international students. There are also scholarships granted by the US government and those that are granted by private institutions.

Other categories are scholarships granted for women, for minority groups, and those that are granted for studies in specific fields such as engineering, medicine, law, and other fields. There are also those that are granted for studies at various levels from undergraduate and associate degree, advanced education including master’s degrees and
PhD’s and also non-degree postgraduate courses.

Top scholarships for 2015 for international students

Two of the top scholarships for international offered by the US Government are

  • The Foreign Fulbright Student Program
  • The Humphrey Fellowship Program.

The Fulbright Program offers full scholarships for international students who wish to pursue a Master’s, PhD degree, or non-degree postgraduate studies in the US. It covers textbooks, airfare, tuition, a living stipend, and health

The Humphrey Program gives professionals a year of professional enrichment in the US. Fellows are who selected according to their potential for leadership are given a full grant. International students can also get scholarships from universities and colleges.

  • University of West
  • Iowa State University
  • New York University
  • Michigan State University
  • Cornell University
  • East West Center
  • Arkansas University
  • Columbia College
    Clark University and Dartmouth College are a few universities offering 2015 scholarships for international students.

Top scholarships for 2015 for US citizens

The Gates Millennium Scholarship is one of the most prestigious. Offering full tuition as well as room and board, it is offered by Bill and Melinda Gates and allows students to choose the college or university that they wish to attend. It is open to all, but preference is given to minority groups.

The oldest and most prestigious pre-college science competition is the Intel Science Talent Search that awards winners scholarships of various amounts with the top winner getting $100,000. Another top US scholarship is the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway. It gives scholarships of various amounts with the winner getting $100,000.

The Siemens Top Prize in Math, Science and Technology offers a top prize of the same amount that goes to the winning individual and the winning team.

The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program targets those who may otherwise not get a chance to attend college. It gives scholarships of $100,000 over four years to multiple students who wish to study engineering, science, math, technology, design, and particular business fields.

Other top 2015 US scholarships are The Thiel Fellowship of $100,000 given over two years for students who wish to forego college to pursue breakthrough innovations and The Flinn Scholarship of over $100,000 given to Arizona’s top high school students to study at a university in Arizona.

Top 3 Distant Online Learning Scholarships Off All Time To Acquire Your Degree

Quality education is highly valued in the present world, and everyone is seeking to have it. However, education has become expensive due to economic changes leading people to seek alternatives.

Distance learning is one such great alternative; you not only save money you would have used for traveling and survival, but also get it from wherever you are whether in your country or not.

Distance Learning online


There are several organizations and institutions that have started online distance learning for students all over
the world. Some of the scholarships offered by some organizations include:

1. The distance learner online MPH Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship is meant for public health students. It aids in paying up the cost of their Masters Degree. To be eligible to apply, you have to be undertaking or planning to sign up for graduate studies in the subsequent six months or so. Moreover, all students all over the world including in developing countries are free to apply. But note that, students who are undertaking campus-based Masters of public health do not qualify for this scholarship.

If you are in any online MPH program, you can apply for the scholarship. Of most importance is what is expected of you to get the scholarship. Just like other sites, you will have to fill in the information about yourself and also have at least a GPA of 2.75 on a scale of 4, employment history, and a well written 500-800 essay.

If you need to learn about 2015’s scholarship visit their website http://onlinemphdegree.net/distancelearner-mph-scholarship/

2. University of people tuition-free scholarships for online courses

University of people offers tuition-free online courses to individuals worldwide who have completed high school. It offers bachelor’s degree programs in Computer Science and Business Administration. Additionally, it aims at enhancing the use of technology to achieve widespread education hence neither does it charge students for classes nor reading materials. In the application area, you will be required to fill in certain fundamental mandatory information.

Moreover, you are given stipulated timeline with which to fill the application. Despite being a tuition free university, it does need funds to be able to sustain its activities, it, therefore, charges a onetime non-refundable fee of 10-50 dollars for processing and reviewing applications. You can get more information about the 2015 scholarship by visiting their site http://uopeople.edu/

3. Developing Commonwealth countries distance learning scholarships

This scholarship is offered to students from Commonwealth developing countries to study for Masters degree in UK online. It is provided by CSC and DFID in partnership with UK universities.

To be eligible to qualify first, you must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country and second you need to be holding a first degree of second-class upper or first class. The number of scholarships they normally allocate depends on how many people have applied. For more information on 2015 scholarship visit their site http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/apply/distance-learning/infouniversities/

The aforementioned distance learning scholarships are significant for furthering your studies. They are just some of the many offered, but they are worth a try.

Top 4 Easy Scholarships You Can Apply For Anytime

Easy to apply USA scholarships that you must know
We have to admit that at times, we need things done the easy way without putting too much effort. Well, we are humans, and this is expected of us, as in the case of applying for scholarships.


Applying to get a scholarship can be a tedious process especially when you have done so without any success. At times, the scholarships may require a lot of time and information and intimidate some people.

All the same, despite the reason for seeking for a scholarship, all need to get a scholarship they deserve in a way that does not consume time and effort. We have listed some easy scholarships to apply for that any student can easily qualify.

1. 2000 $ “No essay” scholarship
This scholarship offered through College Prowler is available monthly contrary to most scholarships that come only once a year. Its advantage is that you can apply every month for the 2000 dollar scholarship they offer. Applying for this scholarship is easy since you need to fill out certain information that may probably take less than five minutes after signing up.

It is also open to all students whether a high school students or those hoping to join college within a
period of 12 months. The winners at the end of every month are determined by random drawing; who knows; you may be the lucky one! Just ensure you apply before the deadline provided each month.

2. U.S Bank Scholarships
High school and college undergraduate students who are U.S citizens can easily get this scholarship of $ 1000. And the lovely part of this scholarship is that, you do not need any qualification especially in terms of G.P.A points. The U.S Bank normally gives out 40 scholarships yearly for American citizens who are about to attend college.

You are only required to fill out a form with basic information about your time that will likely take a short period. Even so, the amount of time taken is nothing compared to the 1,000 $ you will get for simply filling some basic information about yourself.

3. Scholarship Zone scholarship
Nearly all websites usually require signing up, and this scholarship site is not an exception. However, it offers great reward by entering you into a 10000 dollar scholarship draw. This is after registering which requires you to answer around 15 questions about yourself. The scholarship is currently provided monthly with a winner every month. The site partners with universities and colleges to enable members select the college they would want to join.

$1000 weekly scholarship
What better scholarship than one offered weekly? This scholarship offered by Zinch.com is much easier than just filling out the information about you; it involves a question that requires a response in two to three sentences. All college and high school students are eligible for the scholarship that changes the question weekly. In addition, you can apply for a scholarship every week just once. The above easy scholarships will help you achieve academic milestones.

4 Sure Ways To Get Tuition Free Canada Scholarships Easily

Canada is a great country in the northern part of America. Aside from its wonderful features, it is a great country to study in and offers scholarships to both residents and non-residents. Education has become expensive over time and hence students should make the most out of every scholarship that comes their way. Well, it is not as hard to get scholarships in Canada, and therefore we have listed some ways in which you can get those scholarships without struggling so much.

canada scholarships

1. Register Online on Different Websites That Offer Tuition-free Scholarships
There are numerous Canadian sites that can help students get the scholarship of their choice. They include scholarshipscanada.com and studentawards.com whose catalogs have numerous scholarships. All you need to do is register on the site and create a profile with all the essential information required.

With that information, the admin of the sites will work around the clock to match the profile with scholarships that fits you and are eligible. Both sites have deadlines that you have to keep up with so as to get the scholarship you want. Moreover, the scholarships provided on these sites are need-based, merit-based or both.

2. Apply For scholarships That Are Best For You
There are numerous types of scholarships offered in Canada, and some may not be suitable for you. You need to go through the available ones keenly so as to decipher that which best fits you. There may be some for undergraduate while some for graduate studies. So, while visiting these sites, ensure you get adequate information about the scholarships offered so that you desist from choosing one that do not befit you.

3. Start Applying for the Scholarships As Early as Possible
Students are out there who are hungrily seeking for these scholarships. That means that you are among the millions who are fighting for a chance to be qualified for a scholarship. For this reason, you should start applying for them as early as in high school. Most of the big scholarships usually require a lot of time to fill questionnaires completely, write essays and also provide your schools transcripts and people to refer to or references. You should, therefore, apply while you still have a lot of time before joining college.

4. Consider Extracurricular Activities That You are Good in
Some colleges and universities in Canada offer scholarships based on the talent you have in a specific area. For instance, you may be a talented sportsperson or artist, this will make you eligible for a full tuition sports or art scholarships. Also, note that these scholarships not only revolve around football or basketball but also other fields of sports or athletics.

In conclusion, apply for as many scholarships as you can. With these many applications, you stand a chance of being selected for any of them depending on your credibility.

The 6 Scholarship Mistakes Study Abroad Students Make And How to Avoid Them

Most students get thrilled with just the thought of studying abroad, but when actually the opportunity presents itself, it gets very exciting. Out of this excitement, you can make impaired judgments and decisions that may leave you making regrets. Before are some of the mistakes study abroad students make but can be avoided by taking the right advice and making wise decisions.

study abroad mistakes

Operating without a budget
It ‘s hard to spend your money well without having a budget in an entirely new city and country. Without a budget, you will most likely buy anything that pleases you or go out for weekend trips every weekend. The aftermath of this, is being broke, and you wouldn’t want to be borrowing money in a new country after just a short stay. You should, therefore, make a budget for transport, meals, bars, night outs, and weekend trips and also for shopping.

Not learning the host language
It is not right to assume that everyone is a native speaker of English. Take some time, to learn the language of the host country while you are there. It will help you to communicate effectively with the locals and also learn a new language.

Not adhering to the local rules
Every country, city or community have their own social norms and regulations. It is imperative to respect and follow them since you are in their land. Breaking these rules can get you arrested and fall on the wrong side of the society. Therefore, respect people’s rules and you will definitely coexist peacefully with them.

Living alone away from local students or a host family
Being a new country or city, you ought to have a friend or colleagues who will help you learn how things are done in that place. If you live alone, you will not learn the necessary details you need to know, you can, as a result, live in the hostel with other students or a host family if you have any. They will help you to quickly bond with the local people.

Avoiding the orientation session
Every institution usually offers orientation sessions to new students where they get to know the basics of the institution. If you zone out of them, you will miss a whole lot of information that would have helped you to have your way around the institution without any difficulties.

Over partying
Going to parties is interesting but overdoing it comes with a lot of consequences. First of all you will have terrible hangovers all the time. And it will be hard to concentrate on your studies plus to appreciate the city during the day. Secondly, every culture has its own norms and for some, there are limits to partying and amount of drinking.

Behaving badly when under the influence of alcohol can cost you a good relationship with the locals. Therefore, keep it cool and avoid over partying. The above mentioned are just but some of the mistakes study abroad students make. Even though it is a great learning experience, you should not allow that exciting moment impair your decision making.

The 6 Scholarships’ Facts To Help You Make The Best Scholarship Choice Anywhere

Scholarships have long been in existent, and they usually go a long way in aiding students in their education. Students can get scholarships to study at a local or international institution at an undergraduate and graduate level. Even so, we have listed what you should know about scholarships to help you make the right scholarship choices.

scholarship facts

#1. You can apply for a scholarship without knowing the college you are going to attend

Being in high school or at home waiting to join college does not stop you from applying for a scholarship. Some organizations have the option of giving you the money when you are about to enter college or give it to you on the promise of using it only for college. You, therefore, do not have to wait until the last minute, start early.

#2. You don’t have to pay a fee to get a scholarship
Scholarships are meant to assist students to pay fees, so the organizations can’t ask the same students to pay them some fee. In most cases, scholarships that ask for fees are scams that should be avoided at all costs. However, some offers for scholarship may ask you to pay a small handling fee of about 5 dollars or less. All the same, unless you are sure of the legitimacy of the organization do not pay any fees.

#3. You could apply for a scholarship the subsequent year if you did not get it
It is possible to apply for the same scholarship in case you missed it; that is if you are still legible. But, you should make your application stronger, by having improved academic records and more persuasive essay about yourself.

#4. You can lose your scholarship award even after it has been awarded
Some scholarships that are renewable may require you to meet some requirements. Renewable scholarships are those that are won for more than a year. The requirements may include attending the same college, maintaining the same course, or attaining a certain GPA. After winning a scholarship, inquire with the organization about the requirements needed to keep the award.

#5. Scholarships can be merit-based or need-based
Merit-based scholarships are offered on the basis of extracurricular or academic achievements.
This type of scholarship can be offered even to students whose parents can support them. Needbased
scholarships, on the other hand, are offered on the basis of your parents’ financial income
and your monetary needs.

#6. Your college may take away some of your financial aids if you win a scholarship
Most colleges often require reporting of any scholarship that you win and change the package of your financial aid. If your institution has this policy and you feel it is somewhat unfair you can request them to decrease the amount of loan you can borrow rather than grants. In this way, you will not have many debts; that is why, it is better to get a scholarship rather than a student loan.

In conclusion, scholarships are an excellent way of subsidizing your education. The above
information will get you started on applying for a scholarship.

Here Are 5 Best Scholarship Programs For All International Students’ Study Aid

For anyone looking to attend college inside of the United States from overseas, there is a wide range of available scholarships to help keep the cost down. While the universities in the U.S. are some of the tops in the world, these are also the most expensive universities in the world, so paying for it can be a bit of a sticker price shock as compared to back home.

international students aid

This does not mean the final price is going to reflect this though, as not only do most schools want larger numbers of international students in order to boast a higher diversity level (and offer scholarships to do so), but there are dozens of desirable scholarships in the USA for international students in order to make higher level education much more affordable. Although this is not an extensive list, this does offer some of the best scholarships available.

#1. US Government Scholarships
Although there are a few different listed under this classification, there are two major scholarships any international student needs to look into. First, there is what is known as the Foreign Fulbright Student Program. This is a full scholarship in the USA for an international student who wants to obtain either their Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

The scholarship not only covers the entire cost of education, but also goes for textbooks, health insurance, provides money for airfare and a living stipend. This basically is the top scholarship opportunity out there and any international student needs to apply for it.

Next, there is the Humphrey Fellowship Program. This offers a full year of professional training inside of the U.S. for specific countries throughout the world. Different countries have a different allotment of available scholarships, with the grants offered out based on the potential for a leadership position and for their service in the public sector.

#2. Institutional Scholarships
Now, it is important to understand that each school or university provides specific scholarships for international students, so looking into this at a desired school is essential. This list though is for institutions that offer scholarships inside of the United States

#3. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship
While provided by the Joint Japan World Bank, it is not just for students from Japan. A student who is accepted into this scholarship must attend (and be admitted) into one of eight different universities inside of the United States including Harvard, University of Chicago, Cornell, Columbia and John Hopkins

#4. AAUW International Fellowship
Short for the American Association of University Women, this is a scholarship handed out to international women who attend college inside of the United States and who are not U.S. citizens. The scholarship provides $18,000 towards a Master’s degree, $20,000 for a Ph.D. degree and a $30,000 payment for any postdoctoral studies.

#5. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
While there is a limited number of available scholarships every year, there is no set limit annually, so some years there might be more offered scholarships than others. This is offered on a yearly basis for postgraduate studies for students coming in from developing countries and do not have other access to financial aid.

The 5 Scholarships Sites of All Time To Quickly Get Any Study Scholarship

With the increasing costs of college fees, scholarships are becoming a key subsidy for college education. Even so, finding the sites to look for these scholarships may not be easy; we have listed some sites that may quicken your pace in finding the scholarships

#1. Fastweb.com
fastweb scholarship program

Fastweb is a free website that offers thousands of scholarships. It provides an enormous database of financial awards as well as learning tools and helpful career services for all the registered users. An example of a scholarship they offered is 3,000 dollar Natural disaster video contest. The scholarship was offered to creative undergraduates who were filmmaking enthusiasts with the know-how of natural disaster consequences.

#2. Zinch.com

zinch scholarsip site

Zinch is another great site that offers a variety of easy to apply for and win scholarships. You will first need to create an account with the site and create a profile. With the profile, the site will find it much easier to find scholarships that are significant to you.

They offer a popular weekly award called three sentence essay scholarship with which the applicants are required to create a two-hundred and eighty essay. And the prize or award is 1000 dollars cash reward.

#3. ScholarshipPoints.com

scholarshippoints program
The website is a fun site that offers scholarships based on the points you have garnered. Members of the site get to earn these points by partaking fun day-to-day activities such as playing online games, reading blogs and taking quizzes.

With the points gained, members become eligible for varied scholarships depending on the number of points. Moreover, the site offers a monthly scholarship of 1000 dollars and quarterly scholarship of 10,000 dollars for its members.

#4. Scholarships.com

This excellent site is unique in that it not only finds you a great scholarship but also a college that is perfect for you. This site is also useful for those who want to transfer to other schools that want to recruit and offer them scholarships.

Schorlaships.com enables you to identify specific scholarships you want in terms of the course, year of study and location. It increases your probability of getting awards and saves you a whole lot of time. An example of scholarship offered with 1,500 dollar rewards is the proof-reading.com program. It is great for those who are aspiring to be editors and proofreaders; where they get to write an essay with a stipulated number of words.

#5. Cappex.com

cappex scholarship pogram

Cappex.com is another excellent site that helps is narrowing down college search as well as finding the perfect scholarship for you. Besides, it also offers financial advice and career choices information. The site can be held by high school graduates to help in finding colleges.

The account created in high school can still be used since you will move to the ‘college pro status’. You will be more eligible to apply for the scholarship of 2, 500 dollars that will take you through college. Join the site today, to get the various scholarships offered.

These scholarship sites are just but a few of the numerous sites that offer excellent opportunities to get scholarships. All the same, they are a great starting point for anyone willing to get scholarships.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rather Apply For a Scholarship Now

Why scholarships are essential?
Most individuals in this 21st century are becoming more aware of the need to get a college degree. A college or University degree has become an essential aspect with which without, getting a job is
next to impossible.


However, despite the attention given to education, not everyone can afford it, the rough economic times that have been experienced in the world make obtaining a degree to be difficult. Even so, scholarships are gaining recognition as a subsidy to cater for education. With a scholarship, you can get a college degree without struggling too much to get fees to pay your degree.

Below are some reasons why you should apply for scholarships.

#1. An unstable economy that results in money troubles
Parents greatly value their children’s education; however the changing economic times that fluctuate makes it difficult for them to contribute to their education.

With the global economic changes that are hard-hitting, prices of virtually everything goes up; leaving parents with a lot of responsibilities. They have to cater for food, shelter, clothing, and also education. It, therefore, becomes difficult prompting you as their child to apply for a scholarship to salvage the situation.

#2. College/ University has become more expensive
A report by College Board in 2010 about trends in the costs of college revealed a significant increase in the cost of tuition fees in public institutions. Additionally, the private colleges offering four-year courses were not left out; their prices significantly increased due to the rate of inflation.

#3. The cost of living within college premises has gone up
The premises within and near college have gone up. It is due to the increasing number of people going to college, and therefore investors see it as an opportunity to make money by putting up houses or hostels. And since they are out to make some profit, the houses are priced highly. With a scholarship, this can be sorted out since you can have the option of commuting to and from home daily.

#4. People have huge student loan debts
With the onset of student loans to cater for college education, most people have accrued huge debts that may take ages to clear. If you do not want to have debts; then scholarships is the solution for you. With scholarships, you will not accrue any debt since it is offered by individuals or organizations that do it out of goodwill.

#5. There is a substantial decrease in the state supporting students
With the global recession that hit the world a few years ago, many states are still reeling from it. They have largely reduced their budgets including support for higher education. And, as a result, tuition fees have been increased in colleges leaving you with the greatest burden of bearing paying a lot of fees. It is, therefore, necessary to seek for a scholarship to help you out throughout your college degree.

Attending college is definitely worth every penny and time. The costs of attending college might be high, but that is why it is essential to find, apply, and receive a scholarship.

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