Here Are 5 Best Scholarship Programs For All International Students’ Study Aid

For anyone looking to attend college inside of the United States from overseas, there is a wide range of available scholarships to help keep the cost down. While the universities in the U.S. are some of the tops in the world, these are also the most expensive universities in the world, so paying for it can be a bit of a sticker price shock as compared to back home.

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This does not mean the final price is going to reflect this though, as not only do most schools want larger numbers of international students in order to boast a higher diversity level (and offer scholarships to do so), but there are dozens of desirable scholarships in the USA for international students in order to make higher level education much more affordable. Although this is not an extensive list, this does offer some of the best scholarships available.

#1. US Government Scholarships
Although there are a few different listed under this classification, there are two major scholarships any international student needs to look into. First, there is what is known as the Foreign Fulbright Student Program. This is a full scholarship in the USA for an international student who wants to obtain either their Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

The scholarship not only covers the entire cost of education, but also goes for textbooks, health insurance, provides money for airfare and a living stipend. This basically is the top scholarship opportunity out there and any international student needs to apply for it.

Next, there is the Humphrey Fellowship Program. This offers a full year of professional training inside of the U.S. for specific countries throughout the world. Different countries have a different allotment of available scholarships, with the grants offered out based on the potential for a leadership position and for their service in the public sector.

#2. Institutional Scholarships
Now, it is important to understand that each school or university provides specific scholarships for international students, so looking into this at a desired school is essential. This list though is for institutions that offer scholarships inside of the United States

#3. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship
While provided by the Joint Japan World Bank, it is not just for students from Japan. A student who is accepted into this scholarship must attend (and be admitted) into one of eight different universities inside of the United States including Harvard, University of Chicago, Cornell, Columbia and John Hopkins

#4. AAUW International Fellowship
Short for the American Association of University Women, this is a scholarship handed out to international women who attend college inside of the United States and who are not U.S. citizens. The scholarship provides $18,000 towards a Master’s degree, $20,000 for a Ph.D. degree and a $30,000 payment for any postdoctoral studies.

#5. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
While there is a limited number of available scholarships every year, there is no set limit annually, so some years there might be more offered scholarships than others. This is offered on a yearly basis for postgraduate studies for students coming in from developing countries and do not have other access to financial aid.