10 World Most Prestigious Free Scholarships For Undergraduates and Graduates


Knowledge is and has only been the key to a bright future. These are the ten most prestigious scholarships for international students;


1. Fulbright scholarships (USA)

The Fulbright scholarship program provides full funding for the duration of the study that includes tuition, textbooks, airfare, health insurance and a living stipend. This program is the flagship international exchange scholarship that is between the US Government and 155 countries. Annual Fulbright scholarships are awarded to excellent foreign students that wish to pursue a masters or Ph.D. degree in the United States. The program has worked to foster relations between countries by offering scholars the chance to excel and gain in their field of expertise since the beginning.

2. Rhodes scholarships

Rhodes scholarship was established according to the wishes of Cecil John Rhodes 1902 for foreign nationals to study at the University of Oxford. It gives scholarships to students from 14 countries. Rhodes scholarship was the first to have been constituted.

3. Gates Cambridge ScholarshipsIt was established in the year 2002 by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It covers all the expenses for pursuing any full-time post-graduate degree that is at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship contains the tuition fees, maintenance stipend and return economy airfare. These scholarships are awarded to different candidates from all over the world except the United Kingdom. Gates Cambridge Scholarships aims to create exemplary scholars who would work in fields of health, technology and learning.

4. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

Heinrich BOLL foundation scholarships offer grants and aids to undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students all over the world and subjects to pursue degrees at universities of Applied Science or Arts in Germany. Annually it’s known to provide in the region of around 1000 scholarships.

5. Chevening Scholarships

It was set up in 1983 and run by the Government of the United Kingdom. Chevening scholarships support students with tuition fees travel expenses and allowances. It is presently offered to 110 countries in the world and provides an opportunity for the student to study in the Universities of the United Kingdom. The program is mostly funded by Commonwealth and Foreign Office apart from universities, private sector bodies, and the Government.

6. DAAD Scholarships

The program is offered by the Government of Germany. It gives scholarships with the aid of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany across all discipline; levels like graduate, post graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral and the courses. DAAD scholarship includes tuition fees, monthly allowances health and travel expenses though vary with different awards.

7. Eiffel France Scholarships

It was flung in the year 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to entice elite scholars and students from around the world to its institutions. The program was established for students with the vision to study in France. It is sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France for higher education like master’s Ph.D. and engineering courses. This program excludes tuition fees.

8. Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

The program was established by the Swiss Government for scholars who wish to pursue doctoral and post-doctoral courses in Switzerland institutions. The scholarships offered involve Technology, Applied Sciences or Arts .The scholarship program is open to the majority of countries around the world and covers tuition fees, monthly allowances, public transport, and health insurance. It is given through Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students.

9. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney offers the best scholarships for international students in both graduates and post graduate programs. In the University of Sydney, there is no upper limit to the number of awards eligible for application. They are funded by the government and some industries

10 World Famous People Who Went to School on Scholarships

Famous people tend to have many talents, so those who are known for one skill most likely exhibit strength in others. Many renowned people excelled in their studies and went to school on a scholarship, often to prestigious universities.

1. Bill Clinton

The former President studied for two years at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship before leaving to earn a law degree at Yale. He was later awarded an honorary degree by Oxford.

2. Bill Gates
One of the most influential men of the last century, the philanthropist and former Microsoft chairman was a proud winner of a National Merit Scholarship and attended Harvard.

3. Hugh Grant
Known for his work in lighthearted comedies such as “Notting Hill” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” Grant was a formidable student and athlete. He received two scholarships, one to Latymer Upper School and one to New College, Oxford — the Galsworthy Scholarship — where he studied English literature.

4. Madonna
The popular music legend was an excellent student and won a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan, where she studied ballet under the tutelage of Chris Flynn.

5. Edward Hubble
The famed astronomer won a Rhodes Scholarship in 1910 and went on to discover galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

6. James William Fulbright
He won the Rhodes Scholarship in 1926 and was also an Olympic athlete and U.S. senator.

7. Denzel Washington
While studying at Fordham University, the acclaimed actor earned a scholarship to the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.
8. Stephenie Meyer
Meyer attended Brigham Young University on a National Merit Scholarship. A worldwide audience has embraced her “Twilight” series of novels.

9. Susan E. Rice
The U.S. National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations won a National Achievement Scholarship.

10. Kris Kristofferson
Winner of a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship, the well-respected singer/songwriter worked on his music as he earned his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford.

Fame usually comes to people due to their talent, intelligence and work ethic. These qualities often earn them academic recognition before they receive public acclaim, so it’s understandable that so many notable persons have earned scholarships for their higher education.