Top Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships 2015 That Offers $10,000 – $100,000

Academic credentials from US universities are recognized in most countries around the world. While many aspire to get into them at various levels from undergraduate degrees, master’s and doctoral degrees, cost is often prohibitive. For those in this situation, scholarships are a lifeline.


Scholarships are differentiated by various factors so that those looking for them can narrow down the search according to their particulars. There are scholarships for local US citizens and for international students. There are also scholarships granted by the US government and those that are granted by private institutions.

Other categories are scholarships granted for women, for minority groups, and those that are granted for studies in specific fields such as engineering, medicine, law, and other fields. There are also those that are granted for studies at various levels from undergraduate and associate degree, advanced education including master’s degrees and
PhD’s and also non-degree postgraduate courses.

Top scholarships for 2015 for international students

Two of the top scholarships for international offered by the US Government are

  • The Foreign Fulbright Student Program
  • The Humphrey Fellowship Program.

The Fulbright Program offers full scholarships for international students who wish to pursue a Master’s, PhD degree, or non-degree postgraduate studies in the US. It covers textbooks, airfare, tuition, a living stipend, and health

The Humphrey Program gives professionals a year of professional enrichment in the US. Fellows are who selected according to their potential for leadership are given a full grant. International students can also get scholarships from universities and colleges.

  • University of West
  • Iowa State University
  • New York University
  • Michigan State University
  • Cornell University
  • East West Center
  • Arkansas University
  • Columbia College
    Clark University and Dartmouth College are a few universities offering 2015 scholarships for international students.

Top scholarships for 2015 for US citizens

The Gates Millennium Scholarship is one of the most prestigious. Offering full tuition as well as room and board, it is offered by Bill and Melinda Gates and allows students to choose the college or university that they wish to attend. It is open to all, but preference is given to minority groups.

The oldest and most prestigious pre-college science competition is the Intel Science Talent Search that awards winners scholarships of various amounts with the top winner getting $100,000. Another top US scholarship is the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway. It gives scholarships of various amounts with the winner getting $100,000.

The Siemens Top Prize in Math, Science and Technology offers a top prize of the same amount that goes to the winning individual and the winning team.

The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program targets those who may otherwise not get a chance to attend college. It gives scholarships of $100,000 over four years to multiple students who wish to study engineering, science, math, technology, design, and particular business fields.

Other top 2015 US scholarships are The Thiel Fellowship of $100,000 given over two years for students who wish to forego college to pursue breakthrough innovations and The Flinn Scholarship of over $100,000 given to Arizona’s top high school students to study at a university in Arizona.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rather Apply For a Scholarship Now

Why scholarships are essential?
Most individuals in this 21st century are becoming more aware of the need to get a college degree. A college or University degree has become an essential aspect with which without, getting a job is
next to impossible.


However, despite the attention given to education, not everyone can afford it, the rough economic times that have been experienced in the world make obtaining a degree to be difficult. Even so, scholarships are gaining recognition as a subsidy to cater for education. With a scholarship, you can get a college degree without struggling too much to get fees to pay your degree.

Below are some reasons why you should apply for scholarships.

#1. An unstable economy that results in money troubles
Parents greatly value their children’s education; however the changing economic times that fluctuate makes it difficult for them to contribute to their education.

With the global economic changes that are hard-hitting, prices of virtually everything goes up; leaving parents with a lot of responsibilities. They have to cater for food, shelter, clothing, and also education. It, therefore, becomes difficult prompting you as their child to apply for a scholarship to salvage the situation.

#2. College/ University has become more expensive
A report by College Board in 2010 about trends in the costs of college revealed a significant increase in the cost of tuition fees in public institutions. Additionally, the private colleges offering four-year courses were not left out; their prices significantly increased due to the rate of inflation.

#3. The cost of living within college premises has gone up
The premises within and near college have gone up. It is due to the increasing number of people going to college, and therefore investors see it as an opportunity to make money by putting up houses or hostels. And since they are out to make some profit, the houses are priced highly. With a scholarship, this can be sorted out since you can have the option of commuting to and from home daily.

#4. People have huge student loan debts
With the onset of student loans to cater for college education, most people have accrued huge debts that may take ages to clear. If you do not want to have debts; then scholarships is the solution for you. With scholarships, you will not accrue any debt since it is offered by individuals or organizations that do it out of goodwill.

#5. There is a substantial decrease in the state supporting students
With the global recession that hit the world a few years ago, many states are still reeling from it. They have largely reduced their budgets including support for higher education. And, as a result, tuition fees have been increased in colleges leaving you with the greatest burden of bearing paying a lot of fees. It is, therefore, necessary to seek for a scholarship to help you out throughout your college degree.

Attending college is definitely worth every penny and time. The costs of attending college might be high, but that is why it is essential to find, apply, and receive a scholarship.