10 Best Scholarship Most Friendly Countries In The World

When searching for the best study abroad countries, potential students should also consider scholarship friendly countries. These countries often help cover some or all international student costs. Here is a look at the best countries offering scholarships for international students.

scholarship-friendly countries

#1. United Kingdom
Top-ranked institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge offer scholarships like the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and The Clarendon Scholarship that cover full tuition costs. The UK is worth checking out for students interested in terrific academic credentials and a locale surrounded by culture.

#2. Canada
Canada is an attractive place for international students. Many institutions provide outstanding education in addition to terrific art and food scenes. As for scholarships, international students can apply for awards such as the International Leader of Tomorrow Award, a scholarship from The University of British Columbia.

#3. Australia
For students seeking a Master’s degree abroad, Australia provides post-graduate scholarships for such universities as The University of Melbourne and The University of Adelaide. The scholarships, which include Monash University International Merit Scholarships and Sydney Achievers International, offer tuition costs and living expenses.

#4. United States
International students find many opportunities to fund their education in the United States. Students can apply for awards like Fulbright Scholarship, which provides full funding that includes tuition, books, airfare and a living stipend.

#5. Japan
Scholarships to study in Japan are offered by universities and organizations with diverse specifications. For example, the Freeman Awards for Study in Asia offer undergrads a chance to gain first-hand experience and exposure to Asia’s people and culture.

#6. Switzerland
Students who have dreamed of studying in Switzerland can take advantage of a variety of scholarships. Those from outside Switzerland and Europe may want to consider the Lund University Global Scholarship, which is targeted at top academic students from outside the area.

#7. Netherlands
There are many awards for students wishing to visit the Netherlands while attending a top university. This is especially true for those seeking a Master’s degree. The University of Maastricht, Leiden University and the University of Groningen offer wide coverage. Some awards will even pay for travel to the school.

#8. Belgium
PhD candidates from developing countries can travel to Belgium with scholarships such as the IRO Doctoral Scholarship at K.U. Leuven. This scholarship not only provides tuition to attend the largest university in Flanders, Belgium, but it will pay for living allowance, tuition, health insurance and return tickets.

#9. France
Paris is considered one of the best student cities in the world, and potential students wishing to study abroad in Paris have many opportunities to apply for scholarships to help pay for their costs.

#10. Sweden
Non-European citizens can take advantage of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology Fee Waivers, offered to students who have applied for a Master’s degree program at the institution.

3 Work and Study Mistakes That Can Land You In Jail

Studying abroad is a great way to gain new experience you never could back home. Not only does it expose you to a new culture but it helps you learn about the world from new eyes. The perspective you will gain on life is truly amazing, not to mention it also looks good on a resume as well.


However, despite all of this, there are some things you never want to do when studying abroad. While it might seem common place in the United States, if you try to pull this in different countries, you might wind up in jail, and the last thing you want to deal with is a foreign prison system, especially if you are not completely fluent with the language.

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#1 Not Learning the Language
This isn’t saying you should be completely fluent and have years of experience speaking the language. However, in order to avoid ending up in jail for saying something or doing something you do not understand, you need to do your part and at least work on the language while you are there.

Attempting to learn the basics before you go should help, and not relying on English menus or people around you who speak both languages can help you develop a much better understanding. The more you take in, the better off you are going to be.

#2 Ignoring Local Rules
This is a very common mistake for people when they are making their first international trip. Some things you can get away with in the United States, Australia, the UK or other locations, but in a study abroad nation, you are going to find that it is not always the same.

Did you know you can be arrested for chewing gum or j-walking in Singapore? If you think the rules don’t apply to you then try it out. You’ll find at least Singapore has a nice a clean jail system.

#3 Drugs, Any Kind of Drugs
So you are what you like to refer to as a recreational pot smoker back home. Perhaps you’ve dabbled in something here or there with other kinds of narcotics in your other college years, and you wouldn’t mind a taste of it while you are overseas.

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After all, it can just help enlighten your mind, right? Wrong. It doesn’t matter what you do back home, this is something you need to completely avoid. While there are some countries or cities like Amsterdam that make it easier to do this, there are others that you can actually receive the death penalty for it.

There are nations that have been trying to cut down on a drug trade from the past, so to do so they place extremely harsh penalties on using or even holding it. Unless you want to take this extreme risk, avoid it at all costs

4 Secrets Of Getting Free Scholarships Offered By Australia Goverment

Australia has numerous scholarships that are offered to students both within and out of the country. Their government is at the forefront of this scholarship programs with the help of education institutions and other private and public organizations. Scholarships are a great subsidy for students’ education especially in the present times when education has become quite expensive.


Well, if you have been struggling to get a scholarship in Australia, do not struggle anymore, follow these tips and secrets of getting scholarships, and you will undoubtedly be successful.

#1 Apply early for the scholarships
There are several students applying for scholarships in Australia and these take time to process and review. Applying late may, therefore, cost you a scholarship you would have won easily.

All scholarships usually have deadlines that are strictly adhered to and with the many applications received daily; your application may just be schemed through if you apply late. However, if you apply early, you will have adequate time to write a persuasive essay that will be reviewed thoroughly by the administrators.

#2 Apply persistently for many scholarships
Like it was stated, earlier, there are many other students competing for the same scholarships as you. They have the same equal chance as you; the only difference lies in your persistence. Apply to different websites for as many scholarships as you can that you are eligible. Even if you do not get them, do not give up, continue applying, who knows, you may be the next lucky winner.

#3 Take your time to read through the qualifications required
There are instructions that are always set up for you on the application page. The instructions also form a basis for eliminating the many students seeking for scholarships. Each scholarship has its requirements that you must have in order to get them.

And you do not want to waste time applying for scholarships that you do not qualify for; therefore, take your time to go through the qualifications stated. There are sites like schorlaships.com that can match you with the scholarship that befits you. All that is required of you is to sign up and fill in the basic information needed, and the admin of the site matches your profile with the scholarships that befits you.

#4 Be positive and confident
Although some Australia scholarships are merit-based, there are those that give scholarships regardless of your GPA points. Being an average student does not make you dumb enough not to write a good essay. Most students tremble at the thought of an essay, but it is not hard, you can give it your best shot if you stay positive and believe in yourself.

You can research or just write out of your personal thoughts. It does not have to be totally perfect but should contain substantial information. The reviewers will use your essay to rate you and determine if you are worth their scholarship. So, have confidence and do away with a negative attitude.

4 Sure Ways To Get Tuition Free Canada Scholarships Easily

Canada is a great country in the northern part of America. Aside from its wonderful features, it is a great country to study in and offers scholarships to both residents and non-residents. Education has become expensive over time and hence students should make the most out of every scholarship that comes their way. Well, it is not as hard to get scholarships in Canada, and therefore we have listed some ways in which you can get those scholarships without struggling so much.

canada scholarships

1. Register Online on Different Websites That Offer Tuition-free Scholarships
There are numerous Canadian sites that can help students get the scholarship of their choice. They include scholarshipscanada.com and studentawards.com whose catalogs have numerous scholarships. All you need to do is register on the site and create a profile with all the essential information required.

With that information, the admin of the sites will work around the clock to match the profile with scholarships that fits you and are eligible. Both sites have deadlines that you have to keep up with so as to get the scholarship you want. Moreover, the scholarships provided on these sites are need-based, merit-based or both.

2. Apply For scholarships That Are Best For You
There are numerous types of scholarships offered in Canada, and some may not be suitable for you. You need to go through the available ones keenly so as to decipher that which best fits you. There may be some for undergraduate while some for graduate studies. So, while visiting these sites, ensure you get adequate information about the scholarships offered so that you desist from choosing one that do not befit you.

3. Start Applying for the Scholarships As Early as Possible
Students are out there who are hungrily seeking for these scholarships. That means that you are among the millions who are fighting for a chance to be qualified for a scholarship. For this reason, you should start applying for them as early as in high school. Most of the big scholarships usually require a lot of time to fill questionnaires completely, write essays and also provide your schools transcripts and people to refer to or references. You should, therefore, apply while you still have a lot of time before joining college.

4. Consider Extracurricular Activities That You are Good in
Some colleges and universities in Canada offer scholarships based on the talent you have in a specific area. For instance, you may be a talented sportsperson or artist, this will make you eligible for a full tuition sports or art scholarships. Also, note that these scholarships not only revolve around football or basketball but also other fields of sports or athletics.

In conclusion, apply for as many scholarships as you can. With these many applications, you stand a chance of being selected for any of them depending on your credibility.

The 6 Scholarship Mistakes Study Abroad Students Make And How to Avoid Them

Most students get thrilled with just the thought of studying abroad, but when actually the opportunity presents itself, it gets very exciting. Out of this excitement, you can make impaired judgments and decisions that may leave you making regrets. Before are some of the mistakes study abroad students make but can be avoided by taking the right advice and making wise decisions.

study abroad mistakes

Operating without a budget
It ‘s hard to spend your money well without having a budget in an entirely new city and country. Without a budget, you will most likely buy anything that pleases you or go out for weekend trips every weekend. The aftermath of this, is being broke, and you wouldn’t want to be borrowing money in a new country after just a short stay. You should, therefore, make a budget for transport, meals, bars, night outs, and weekend trips and also for shopping.

Not learning the host language
It is not right to assume that everyone is a native speaker of English. Take some time, to learn the language of the host country while you are there. It will help you to communicate effectively with the locals and also learn a new language.

Not adhering to the local rules
Every country, city or community have their own social norms and regulations. It is imperative to respect and follow them since you are in their land. Breaking these rules can get you arrested and fall on the wrong side of the society. Therefore, respect people’s rules and you will definitely coexist peacefully with them.

Living alone away from local students or a host family
Being a new country or city, you ought to have a friend or colleagues who will help you learn how things are done in that place. If you live alone, you will not learn the necessary details you need to know, you can, as a result, live in the hostel with other students or a host family if you have any. They will help you to quickly bond with the local people.

Avoiding the orientation session
Every institution usually offers orientation sessions to new students where they get to know the basics of the institution. If you zone out of them, you will miss a whole lot of information that would have helped you to have your way around the institution without any difficulties.

Over partying
Going to parties is interesting but overdoing it comes with a lot of consequences. First of all you will have terrible hangovers all the time. And it will be hard to concentrate on your studies plus to appreciate the city during the day. Secondly, every culture has its own norms and for some, there are limits to partying and amount of drinking.

Behaving badly when under the influence of alcohol can cost you a good relationship with the locals. Therefore, keep it cool and avoid over partying. The above mentioned are just but some of the mistakes study abroad students make. Even though it is a great learning experience, you should not allow that exciting moment impair your decision making.