10 Dirtiest College Lifestyle Habits That Could Land Anyone In Trouble

College can be the start of something wonderful: a chance for a fine education and a fulfilling career. Unfortunately, bad student habits can contribute to poor student performance. If you are headed for college—or already attending—consider avoiding the following 10 deadly behaviors.


1. The All-Nighter
Pulling all-nighters during the college years is standard behavior, but it is a poor way to master the material. You simply cannot make up for weeks of not studying by cramming overnight. Also, you will be tired and in terrible shape for the actual exam.

2. Skipping Early Classes
You may dodge these for a bit, but eventually you will be forced to take an early-morning class. When you do, turning off the alarm and blowing off class will lead to repeating the entire process the next semester.

3. Cell Phones in Class
Surprisingly, you can survive an entire class without checking your cell phone. Using them in class is annoying for the professor and the other students, and you won’t learn a thing.

4. Snacking
Good nutrition often goes the way of sleep at college. All the snacking on cheap junk food leads to weight gain (the infamous Freshman 15) and to poor health.

5. Wearing Dirty Clothes
This annoying student habit results from limited time, exhaustion, and sheer laziness. Sure, doing laundry costs money, and sometimes you will be totally broke. But once you begin wearing your dirty underwear to philosophy class, civilization has pretty much broken down.

6. Plagiarism
Plagiarism has always been dishonorable, but now it’s even easier to detect. Turning in someone else’s work as your own will get you a one-way ticket home to mom and dad.

7. Energy Drinks
Bingeing on these caffeine-laden sugary nightmares will give you energy in the short-term, but when you crash, you will be jittery, dehydrated, and generally a mess.

8. Dead Aunt Syndrome
You skipped class and need an excuse so you can take a missed test. Even the most clueless professors catch onto your game after the third funeral in one semester.

9. Dropping Classes
Sometimes you will need to drop a class due to real conflicts with jobs and other classes. If you are dropping classes because they are “too hard,” you have a problem. You are there to be challenged. Work harder instead of bailing.

10. High School Hangover
College is not high school. Your professors do not have to tolerate disrespect, poor attention or disruption. They can drop you from their rolls. So act like an adult.

While in college, avoid these behaviors. If you do, a diploma—and a great future—may be in reach.

10 Essay Writing Hacks To Instantly Write Winning Scholarship Essays

Students applying for university scholarships are often required to write an essay. Most universities do not offer scholarships based only on an applicant’s transcript and application.

The task of writing an essay is added to give those on the scholarship selection committee a chance to get to know the applicant beyond their grades and other academic credentials they may have acquired.

An essay gives insight into the the life goals, challenges, and aspirations of an applicant. Essay writing is a way to level the very competitive field of college scholarships by giving students from all kinds of backgrounds a way to voice their challenges and aspirations so that they have a chance to win a scholarship, even if they may not be the top students in their class and despite the current situation they are in.


A good essay makes a big difference in regards to whether an applicant wins a scholarship or not. A good essay should tell a story that sets an applicant apart and demonstrates that he or she is worth granting the scholarship that so many others are also trying to get. The following tips should followed in writing a good scholarship essay.

#1. Read the instructions carefully as many times as is necessary to understand them. Do not just look at the title and go.

#2. Take some time to think about what you are going to write, even a day or two. Think about the different approaches you can take and which one would best bring your message or idea across.

#3. Take the time to do an outline before doing the first draft. Think of it as drawing a map that shows the different routes you can take to the destination of a great essay and then choosing the best one.

#4. Still on the outline, ensure that you have kept to the instructions before you start writing.

#5. Do the first draft by writing about each one of the points you came up with when doing the outline. You can then choose how the points will flow. The way they are in the outline does not necessarily have to be how they are arranged in the essay. Aim to have one point flow nicely into the next from a capturing introduction to a satisfying conclusion.

#6. Include your accomplishments which may be about chairing a school club, being involved in community service, raising funds for a cause, taking action to address a problem, and extracurricular activities. Mention the inspiration for each so that it does not come across as bragging.

#7. Leave the essay alone for a day or two before you go back to it. When you do, you have a fresh mind and fresh eyes with which to check the grammar, spelling, and how you have represented yourself. Use editing programs to make sure you catch all the errors.

#8. Take a last look at the instructions to make sure that you have adhered to all of them.

#9. Have someone you trust look at your essay. Make any improvements that you can.

#10. Take one last look and submit.

Top 4 Easy Scholarships You Can Apply For Anytime

Easy to apply USA scholarships that you must know
We have to admit that at times, we need things done the easy way without putting too much effort. Well, we are humans, and this is expected of us, as in the case of applying for scholarships.


Applying to get a scholarship can be a tedious process especially when you have done so without any success. At times, the scholarships may require a lot of time and information and intimidate some people.

All the same, despite the reason for seeking for a scholarship, all need to get a scholarship they deserve in a way that does not consume time and effort. We have listed some easy scholarships to apply for that any student can easily qualify.

1. 2000 $ “No essay” scholarship
This scholarship offered through College Prowler is available monthly contrary to most scholarships that come only once a year. Its advantage is that you can apply every month for the 2000 dollar scholarship they offer. Applying for this scholarship is easy since you need to fill out certain information that may probably take less than five minutes after signing up.

It is also open to all students whether a high school students or those hoping to join college within a
period of 12 months. The winners at the end of every month are determined by random drawing; who knows; you may be the lucky one! Just ensure you apply before the deadline provided each month.

2. U.S Bank Scholarships
High school and college undergraduate students who are U.S citizens can easily get this scholarship of $ 1000. And the lovely part of this scholarship is that, you do not need any qualification especially in terms of G.P.A points. The U.S Bank normally gives out 40 scholarships yearly for American citizens who are about to attend college.

You are only required to fill out a form with basic information about your time that will likely take a short period. Even so, the amount of time taken is nothing compared to the 1,000 $ you will get for simply filling some basic information about yourself.

3. Scholarship Zone scholarship
Nearly all websites usually require signing up, and this scholarship site is not an exception. However, it offers great reward by entering you into a 10000 dollar scholarship draw. This is after registering which requires you to answer around 15 questions about yourself. The scholarship is currently provided monthly with a winner every month. The site partners with universities and colleges to enable members select the college they would want to join.

$1000 weekly scholarship
What better scholarship than one offered weekly? This scholarship offered by Zinch.com is much easier than just filling out the information about you; it involves a question that requires a response in two to three sentences. All college and high school students are eligible for the scholarship that changes the question weekly. In addition, you can apply for a scholarship every week just once. The above easy scholarships will help you achieve academic milestones.

The 6 Scholarships’ Facts To Help You Make The Best Scholarship Choice Anywhere

Scholarships have long been in existent, and they usually go a long way in aiding students in their education. Students can get scholarships to study at a local or international institution at an undergraduate and graduate level. Even so, we have listed what you should know about scholarships to help you make the right scholarship choices.

scholarship facts

#1. You can apply for a scholarship without knowing the college you are going to attend

Being in high school or at home waiting to join college does not stop you from applying for a scholarship. Some organizations have the option of giving you the money when you are about to enter college or give it to you on the promise of using it only for college. You, therefore, do not have to wait until the last minute, start early.

#2. You don’t have to pay a fee to get a scholarship
Scholarships are meant to assist students to pay fees, so the organizations can’t ask the same students to pay them some fee. In most cases, scholarships that ask for fees are scams that should be avoided at all costs. However, some offers for scholarship may ask you to pay a small handling fee of about 5 dollars or less. All the same, unless you are sure of the legitimacy of the organization do not pay any fees.

#3. You could apply for a scholarship the subsequent year if you did not get it
It is possible to apply for the same scholarship in case you missed it; that is if you are still legible. But, you should make your application stronger, by having improved academic records and more persuasive essay about yourself.

#4. You can lose your scholarship award even after it has been awarded
Some scholarships that are renewable may require you to meet some requirements. Renewable scholarships are those that are won for more than a year. The requirements may include attending the same college, maintaining the same course, or attaining a certain GPA. After winning a scholarship, inquire with the organization about the requirements needed to keep the award.

#5. Scholarships can be merit-based or need-based
Merit-based scholarships are offered on the basis of extracurricular or academic achievements.
This type of scholarship can be offered even to students whose parents can support them. Needbased
scholarships, on the other hand, are offered on the basis of your parents’ financial income
and your monetary needs.

#6. Your college may take away some of your financial aids if you win a scholarship
Most colleges often require reporting of any scholarship that you win and change the package of your financial aid. If your institution has this policy and you feel it is somewhat unfair you can request them to decrease the amount of loan you can borrow rather than grants. In this way, you will not have many debts; that is why, it is better to get a scholarship rather than a student loan.

In conclusion, scholarships are an excellent way of subsidizing your education. The above
information will get you started on applying for a scholarship.