10 Dirtiest College Lifestyle Habits That Could Land Anyone In Trouble

College can be the start of something wonderful: a chance for a fine education and a fulfilling career. Unfortunately, bad student habits can contribute to poor student performance. If you are headed for college—or already attending—consider avoiding the following 10 deadly behaviors.


1. The All-Nighter
Pulling all-nighters during the college years is standard behavior, but it is a poor way to master the material. You simply cannot make up for weeks of not studying by cramming overnight. Also, you will be tired and in terrible shape for the actual exam.

2. Skipping Early Classes
You may dodge these for a bit, but eventually you will be forced to take an early-morning class. When you do, turning off the alarm and blowing off class will lead to repeating the entire process the next semester.

3. Cell Phones in Class
Surprisingly, you can survive an entire class without checking your cell phone. Using them in class is annoying for the professor and the other students, and you won’t learn a thing.

4. Snacking
Good nutrition often goes the way of sleep at college. All the snacking on cheap junk food leads to weight gain (the infamous Freshman 15) and to poor health.

5. Wearing Dirty Clothes
This annoying student habit results from limited time, exhaustion, and sheer laziness. Sure, doing laundry costs money, and sometimes you will be totally broke. But once you begin wearing your dirty underwear to philosophy class, civilization has pretty much broken down.

6. Plagiarism
Plagiarism has always been dishonorable, but now it’s even easier to detect. Turning in someone else’s work as your own will get you a one-way ticket home to mom and dad.

7. Energy Drinks
Bingeing on these caffeine-laden sugary nightmares will give you energy in the short-term, but when you crash, you will be jittery, dehydrated, and generally a mess.

8. Dead Aunt Syndrome
You skipped class and need an excuse so you can take a missed test. Even the most clueless professors catch onto your game after the third funeral in one semester.

9. Dropping Classes
Sometimes you will need to drop a class due to real conflicts with jobs and other classes. If you are dropping classes because they are “too hard,” you have a problem. You are there to be challenged. Work harder instead of bailing.

10. High School Hangover
College is not high school. Your professors do not have to tolerate disrespect, poor attention or disruption. They can drop you from their rolls. So act like an adult.

While in college, avoid these behaviors. If you do, a diploma—and a great future—may be in reach.