10 Best Scholarship Most Friendly Countries In The World

When searching for the best study abroad countries, potential students should also consider scholarship friendly countries. These countries often help cover some or all international student costs. Here is a look at the best countries offering scholarships for international students.

scholarship-friendly countries

#1. United Kingdom
Top-ranked institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge offer scholarships like the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and The Clarendon Scholarship that cover full tuition costs. The UK is worth checking out for students interested in terrific academic credentials and a locale surrounded by culture.

#2. Canada
Canada is an attractive place for international students. Many institutions provide outstanding education in addition to terrific art and food scenes. As for scholarships, international students can apply for awards such as the International Leader of Tomorrow Award, a scholarship from The University of British Columbia.

#3. Australia
For students seeking a Master’s degree abroad, Australia provides post-graduate scholarships for such universities as The University of Melbourne and The University of Adelaide. The scholarships, which include Monash University International Merit Scholarships and Sydney Achievers International, offer tuition costs and living expenses.

#4. United States
International students find many opportunities to fund their education in the United States. Students can apply for awards like Fulbright Scholarship, which provides full funding that includes tuition, books, airfare and a living stipend.

#5. Japan
Scholarships to study in Japan are offered by universities and organizations with diverse specifications. For example, the Freeman Awards for Study in Asia offer undergrads a chance to gain first-hand experience and exposure to Asia’s people and culture.

#6. Switzerland
Students who have dreamed of studying in Switzerland can take advantage of a variety of scholarships. Those from outside Switzerland and Europe may want to consider the Lund University Global Scholarship, which is targeted at top academic students from outside the area.

#7. Netherlands
There are many awards for students wishing to visit the Netherlands while attending a top university. This is especially true for those seeking a Master’s degree. The University of Maastricht, Leiden University and the University of Groningen offer wide coverage. Some awards will even pay for travel to the school.

#8. Belgium
PhD candidates from developing countries can travel to Belgium with scholarships such as the IRO Doctoral Scholarship at K.U. Leuven. This scholarship not only provides tuition to attend the largest university in Flanders, Belgium, but it will pay for living allowance, tuition, health insurance and return tickets.

#9. France
Paris is considered one of the best student cities in the world, and potential students wishing to study abroad in Paris have many opportunities to apply for scholarships to help pay for their costs.

#10. Sweden
Non-European citizens can take advantage of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology Fee Waivers, offered to students who have applied for a Master’s degree program at the institution.