3 Work and Study Mistakes That Can Land You In Jail

Studying abroad is a great way to gain new experience you never could back home. Not only does it expose you to a new culture but it helps you learn about the world from new eyes. The perspective you will gain on life is truly amazing, not to mention it also looks good on a resume as well.


However, despite all of this, there are some things you never want to do when studying abroad. While it might seem common place in the United States, if you try to pull this in different countries, you might wind up in jail, and the last thing you want to deal with is a foreign prison system, especially if you are not completely fluent with the language.

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#1 Not Learning the Language
This isn’t saying you should be completely fluent and have years of experience speaking the language. However, in order to avoid ending up in jail for saying something or doing something you do not understand, you need to do your part and at least work on the language while you are there.

Attempting to learn the basics before you go should help, and not relying on English menus or people around you who speak both languages can help you develop a much better understanding. The more you take in, the better off you are going to be.

#2 Ignoring Local Rules
This is a very common mistake for people when they are making their first international trip. Some things you can get away with in the United States, Australia, the UK or other locations, but in a study abroad nation, you are going to find that it is not always the same.

Did you know you can be arrested for chewing gum or j-walking in Singapore? If you think the rules don’t apply to you then try it out. You’ll find at least Singapore has a nice a clean jail system.

#3 Drugs, Any Kind of Drugs
So you are what you like to refer to as a recreational pot smoker back home. Perhaps you’ve dabbled in something here or there with other kinds of narcotics in your other college years, and you wouldn’t mind a taste of it while you are overseas.

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After all, it can just help enlighten your mind, right? Wrong. It doesn’t matter what you do back home, this is something you need to completely avoid. While there are some countries or cities like Amsterdam that make it easier to do this, there are others that you can actually receive the death penalty for it.

There are nations that have been trying to cut down on a drug trade from the past, so to do so they place extremely harsh penalties on using or even holding it. Unless you want to take this extreme risk, avoid it at all costs