10 Best Scholarship Most Friendly Countries In The World

When searching for the best study abroad countries, potential students should also consider scholarship friendly countries. These countries often help cover some or all international student costs. Here is a look at the best countries offering scholarships for international students.

scholarship-friendly countries

#1. United Kingdom
Top-ranked institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge offer scholarships like the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and The Clarendon Scholarship that cover full tuition costs. The UK is worth checking out for students interested in terrific academic credentials and a locale surrounded by culture.

#2. Canada
Canada is an attractive place for international students. Many institutions provide outstanding education in addition to terrific art and food scenes. As for scholarships, international students can apply for awards such as the International Leader of Tomorrow Award, a scholarship from The University of British Columbia.

#3. Australia
For students seeking a Master’s degree abroad, Australia provides post-graduate scholarships for such universities as The University of Melbourne and The University of Adelaide. The scholarships, which include Monash University International Merit Scholarships and Sydney Achievers International, offer tuition costs and living expenses.

#4. United States
International students find many opportunities to fund their education in the United States. Students can apply for awards like Fulbright Scholarship, which provides full funding that includes tuition, books, airfare and a living stipend.

#5. Japan
Scholarships to study in Japan are offered by universities and organizations with diverse specifications. For example, the Freeman Awards for Study in Asia offer undergrads a chance to gain first-hand experience and exposure to Asia’s people and culture.

#6. Switzerland
Students who have dreamed of studying in Switzerland can take advantage of a variety of scholarships. Those from outside Switzerland and Europe may want to consider the Lund University Global Scholarship, which is targeted at top academic students from outside the area.

#7. Netherlands
There are many awards for students wishing to visit the Netherlands while attending a top university. This is especially true for those seeking a Master’s degree. The University of Maastricht, Leiden University and the University of Groningen offer wide coverage. Some awards will even pay for travel to the school.

#8. Belgium
PhD candidates from developing countries can travel to Belgium with scholarships such as the IRO Doctoral Scholarship at K.U. Leuven. This scholarship not only provides tuition to attend the largest university in Flanders, Belgium, but it will pay for living allowance, tuition, health insurance and return tickets.

#9. France
Paris is considered one of the best student cities in the world, and potential students wishing to study abroad in Paris have many opportunities to apply for scholarships to help pay for their costs.

#10. Sweden
Non-European citizens can take advantage of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology Fee Waivers, offered to students who have applied for a Master’s degree program at the institution.

4 Quick Entry No-Essay Scholarships to Easily Apply For

For most scholarships, it requires a student to write out extended essays on a set topic. While it is well worth writing the scholarship for anyone who qualifies for the particular scholarship, this does take time, and eventually it is extremely difficult for anyone to write out dozens of essays in hopes of receiving the scholarship.

The problem here is that a busy student who is applying to collages, finishing up high school and dealing with everything else that goes along with it just does not have the time to do this.


That is why it is so important to seek out scholarships that do not require any sort of essay. While there are more essay scholarships than non-essay options, there are several out there that a student simply needs to apply for.

Cappex Scholarships
The Cappex website (cappex.com) is a great location to look for scholarships. There is one in particular known as the “GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship.”

This particular scholarship is designed to provide some money to students who have a nice combination of extra activities (such as clubs and sports) and a grade point, but one that is not at the top of the class, so they are missing out on the majority of GPA based financial aid.

To apply for this, an applicant just needs to offer information regarding their extracurricular activities and how they volunteer around the community. If they are awarded the scholarship they receive $1,000 towards the cost of attending college.

College Prowler
This is another website that is great to check out in regards to scholarships. It also has its “No Essay Scholarship.” Basically, all you have to do is put your name on a list every month and the website randomly draws a $2,000 scholarship to the winner. There isn’t anything you need to do outside of sign up every month, but once you win you are not able to apply again.

Sussle Scholarship
This is another scholarship that is handed out every month. It totals $500 and all someone needs to do is post interesting information to the website (Sussle.org) like they would on Facebook or Twitter. Judges from the website then vote on the most interesting posts and information and the winner of the month receives $500.

This website has all sorts of different no essay scholarships to apply for. There is the “College Submission” and the “Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation” scholarships to apply for. None of these require any sort of essay, although the application process is a bit different from one to the other, so visiting CKSF.org is a good way to start and to see what all is available.

The 6 Scholarships’ Facts To Help You Make The Best Scholarship Choice Anywhere

Scholarships have long been in existent, and they usually go a long way in aiding students in their education. Students can get scholarships to study at a local or international institution at an undergraduate and graduate level. Even so, we have listed what you should know about scholarships to help you make the right scholarship choices.

scholarship facts

#1. You can apply for a scholarship without knowing the college you are going to attend

Being in high school or at home waiting to join college does not stop you from applying for a scholarship. Some organizations have the option of giving you the money when you are about to enter college or give it to you on the promise of using it only for college. You, therefore, do not have to wait until the last minute, start early.

#2. You don’t have to pay a fee to get a scholarship
Scholarships are meant to assist students to pay fees, so the organizations can’t ask the same students to pay them some fee. In most cases, scholarships that ask for fees are scams that should be avoided at all costs. However, some offers for scholarship may ask you to pay a small handling fee of about 5 dollars or less. All the same, unless you are sure of the legitimacy of the organization do not pay any fees.

#3. You could apply for a scholarship the subsequent year if you did not get it
It is possible to apply for the same scholarship in case you missed it; that is if you are still legible. But, you should make your application stronger, by having improved academic records and more persuasive essay about yourself.

#4. You can lose your scholarship award even after it has been awarded
Some scholarships that are renewable may require you to meet some requirements. Renewable scholarships are those that are won for more than a year. The requirements may include attending the same college, maintaining the same course, or attaining a certain GPA. After winning a scholarship, inquire with the organization about the requirements needed to keep the award.

#5. Scholarships can be merit-based or need-based
Merit-based scholarships are offered on the basis of extracurricular or academic achievements.
This type of scholarship can be offered even to students whose parents can support them. Needbased
scholarships, on the other hand, are offered on the basis of your parents’ financial income
and your monetary needs.

#6. Your college may take away some of your financial aids if you win a scholarship
Most colleges often require reporting of any scholarship that you win and change the package of your financial aid. If your institution has this policy and you feel it is somewhat unfair you can request them to decrease the amount of loan you can borrow rather than grants. In this way, you will not have many debts; that is why, it is better to get a scholarship rather than a student loan.

In conclusion, scholarships are an excellent way of subsidizing your education. The above
information will get you started on applying for a scholarship.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rather Apply For a Scholarship Now

Why scholarships are essential?
Most individuals in this 21st century are becoming more aware of the need to get a college degree. A college or University degree has become an essential aspect with which without, getting a job is
next to impossible.


However, despite the attention given to education, not everyone can afford it, the rough economic times that have been experienced in the world make obtaining a degree to be difficult. Even so, scholarships are gaining recognition as a subsidy to cater for education. With a scholarship, you can get a college degree without struggling too much to get fees to pay your degree.

Below are some reasons why you should apply for scholarships.

#1. An unstable economy that results in money troubles
Parents greatly value their children’s education; however the changing economic times that fluctuate makes it difficult for them to contribute to their education.

With the global economic changes that are hard-hitting, prices of virtually everything goes up; leaving parents with a lot of responsibilities. They have to cater for food, shelter, clothing, and also education. It, therefore, becomes difficult prompting you as their child to apply for a scholarship to salvage the situation.

#2. College/ University has become more expensive
A report by College Board in 2010 about trends in the costs of college revealed a significant increase in the cost of tuition fees in public institutions. Additionally, the private colleges offering four-year courses were not left out; their prices significantly increased due to the rate of inflation.

#3. The cost of living within college premises has gone up
The premises within and near college have gone up. It is due to the increasing number of people going to college, and therefore investors see it as an opportunity to make money by putting up houses or hostels. And since they are out to make some profit, the houses are priced highly. With a scholarship, this can be sorted out since you can have the option of commuting to and from home daily.

#4. People have huge student loan debts
With the onset of student loans to cater for college education, most people have accrued huge debts that may take ages to clear. If you do not want to have debts; then scholarships is the solution for you. With scholarships, you will not accrue any debt since it is offered by individuals or organizations that do it out of goodwill.

#5. There is a substantial decrease in the state supporting students
With the global recession that hit the world a few years ago, many states are still reeling from it. They have largely reduced their budgets including support for higher education. And, as a result, tuition fees have been increased in colleges leaving you with the greatest burden of bearing paying a lot of fees. It is, therefore, necessary to seek for a scholarship to help you out throughout your college degree.

Attending college is definitely worth every penny and time. The costs of attending college might be high, but that is why it is essential to find, apply, and receive a scholarship.