Here Are 5 Best Scholarship Programs For All International Students’ Study Aid

For anyone looking to attend college inside of the United States from overseas, there is a wide range of available scholarships to help keep the cost down. While the universities in the U.S. are some of the tops in the world, these are also the most expensive universities in the world, so paying for it can be a bit of a sticker price shock as compared to back home.

international students aid

This does not mean the final price is going to reflect this though, as not only do most schools want larger numbers of international students in order to boast a higher diversity level (and offer scholarships to do so), but there are dozens of desirable scholarships in the USA for international students in order to make higher level education much more affordable. Although this is not an extensive list, this does offer some of the best scholarships available.

#1. US Government Scholarships
Although there are a few different listed under this classification, there are two major scholarships any international student needs to look into. First, there is what is known as the Foreign Fulbright Student Program. This is a full scholarship in the USA for an international student who wants to obtain either their Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

The scholarship not only covers the entire cost of education, but also goes for textbooks, health insurance, provides money for airfare and a living stipend. This basically is the top scholarship opportunity out there and any international student needs to apply for it.

Next, there is the Humphrey Fellowship Program. This offers a full year of professional training inside of the U.S. for specific countries throughout the world. Different countries have a different allotment of available scholarships, with the grants offered out based on the potential for a leadership position and for their service in the public sector.

#2. Institutional Scholarships
Now, it is important to understand that each school or university provides specific scholarships for international students, so looking into this at a desired school is essential. This list though is for institutions that offer scholarships inside of the United States

#3. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship
While provided by the Joint Japan World Bank, it is not just for students from Japan. A student who is accepted into this scholarship must attend (and be admitted) into one of eight different universities inside of the United States including Harvard, University of Chicago, Cornell, Columbia and John Hopkins

#4. AAUW International Fellowship
Short for the American Association of University Women, this is a scholarship handed out to international women who attend college inside of the United States and who are not U.S. citizens. The scholarship provides $18,000 towards a Master’s degree, $20,000 for a Ph.D. degree and a $30,000 payment for any postdoctoral studies.

#5. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
While there is a limited number of available scholarships every year, there is no set limit annually, so some years there might be more offered scholarships than others. This is offered on a yearly basis for postgraduate studies for students coming in from developing countries and do not have other access to financial aid.




  • Thaneshwar yadav

    I wanna to study abroad but i am poor student from there any idea which help me to study abroad?please help me.

  • watolya muzamiru

    Dear sponsers
    Am a Ugandan citizen seeking financial support to attain a PhD in the fields of finance, economics or accounting. I have no limitations in country/ university choice.

    your assistance towards this cause will be highly appreciated.

    God bless you as you work towards this.

  • Benson kyengo

    It is my pleasure to post this.please consider my benson from kenya.i was brought up from a humble family.i did well in my exam and failed to complete my university studies due to lack of money.please help me if posible.thank you.

  • subhasis tripathy

    Dear sir
    I am Indian. I belong to a lower middle class family. My family livelihood is depending upon agriculture and we are having less than 5 acres of rainfed land.
    During 2013 I was selected for Master program on Regional and Rural Development Planning in AIT and I was offered 168000 Thai Bhat out of 752000 Thai Bhat. Rest 584000 Thai Bhat was huge for me. Therefore, I could not joined in the program.
    This time I wish to apply for the same course. Therefore, I am looking for scholarship opportunity.
    If I will be elegible for your offered scholarship then kindly let me know through my email id. So that I will follow it and doall the formalities.
    With regards
    Subhasis Tripathy

  • Nicodemus Otsyeno

    hi my name is Nicodemus from Kenya. I have a degree in computer science but i really desire to pursue a masters in information security but i do not have the finance. could any one help me please. I pray that God brings my way a sponsor who will hold me to my dreams. Please help

  • Ahmad T Jallow

    Hi am from the Gambia studying social work, but I Will like to advance to a higher degree hence our university is not offering it at that level and am facing financial constrain to complete it. will you please give a hint on how to grab this scholarship. Thanks.

  • mark kofi Aremu

    I currently enrolled at the university for development studies, Tamale, Ghana. I really appreciate your efforts aimed at helping those who can’t afford studies outside

  • Daniel Korbla Dzakpasu

    I was so glad to have come across this mouthwatery scholarship support for foreign students. I am unable to further my education after my diploma education due to lack of finance. I would be very grateful if i am considered for an opportunity like this to further my degree education. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Daniel, feel free to to search our site for the best tips and
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  • Evelyn silindiwe Musabayana

    My name is Evelyn Silindiwe Musabayana . I have Hons degree in psychology. So i am asking for financial assistance so that i can do masters in psychology

  • Okonah Enoch Okomfo

    can you please give me the requirements for accessing foreign fulbright student program for Ph.D under the US government scholarship.

  • Hello Kola, just follow the instruction above.


  • Hi, my name is Betty Naalah from Ghana.I have higher National Diploma in purchasing and will be a dream come true if i am granted to further my Education.Thanks God you all.

  • sir I am from india… I have completed my higher secondary.. so I wish to do university degree but I am from a very poor family…. so sir can u suggest me what to do ? please help me… and please reply through my email

  • You make use of our free resources available here on our site.


  • would you want to continue with your first degree (BSC or something) before proceeding?

  • Rahab Wanjiru Kariuki

    Hey, am looking for a scholarship to study Actuarial Science .Please help.

  • Abubakari Hamida

    Hi, I am Hamida from Ghana and a student of university for development studies offering bachelor of commerce. pls my family is currently facing financial challenges and am afraid I may nt be able to further my studies….pls can I access the scolarship in order to further my studies??

  • This is a great idea. Kindly inform on what steps to take in order to be a beneficiary of any of these scholarship schemes.

  • kalyani Biradar

    My Daughter would like to her post graduation in MSW HRDM with full scholarship. Please help me any university wants to give admission

  • I wish to obtain my masters’

  • iam vigorous stay in south africa i couldnt finish my marketing studies due to finance my dad past away while studying nd my mother is unemployed iam dying to go back to school .

  • Any scholarship in the field of Journalism? I hold Diploma in the field and would like to pursue a degree

  • any scholarship for under graduate courses

  • I would like to pursue master program in clinical psychology or in education u.s.a I would be very happy if I’m offered this scholarship opportunity.

  • I need all that i have wanted for myself from the onset of my creation…….i need to do my masters on scholarship though i am not that buoyant enough for the task, like the money aspect of it please..

  • Blay Benjamin Bangoto

    Completed Takoradi polytechnic in HND statistics. I would like to continue but am financially broke. please help

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