7 Ways To Afford Studying In Universities Abroad With Free Scholarships

#1: Outside Scholarships

study abroad application form
One of the first ways to get the money for college is through scholarships from outside sources. This includes an array of organizations who want to give out money to well-deserving individuals. You will want to make sure you read the fine print on what they are going to offer (is it renewable or is it a one-time amount) as well as what they require from you.

Some scholarships will require you to write a resume, an essay, or provide letters of recommendation. Some of the forms can be completed online and others need to be mailed.


You will need to adhere to the deadlines to ensure you don’t miss them as that is a sure way to not get the scholarship you are applying for.

It’s also important to note that some scholarship providers are going to give to those who need the money while others will be given on a merit basis. You will want to explore organizations that focus on gender, desired major/occupation, ethnic background, and anything else that sets you apart as different, such as a parent being in the military or having been diagnosed with cancer. There are organizations that will provide student assistance, even if you are going to study abroad.




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